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Past Updates

A great new BJS report, "Victimization During Household Burglary," presents findings from the National Crime Victimization Survey on the characteristics of burglary, including comparisons between households where members were present and not present, and the extent to which individuals in the residence are violently victimized when at home during these encounters.  You can download this report by clicking here.
The National Sheriffs' Association has produced an excellent Neighborhood Watch Manual that is a good resource for us personally and professionally!  You'll want to download this great guidebook.
Sexual Violence Report Announcement (PDF)
Caseflow Management Summit Produces Informational Brochure
"Fair, Timely, Economical Justice: Achieving Justice Through Effective Caseflow Management" was developed as a result of a summit held in January 2008. The summit identified six key concepts integral to an effective caseflow management system and to the court's ability to provide fair, timely, and economical justice. (BJA)
The Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and HHS have teamed up to develop some great guidelines for non-profits about preparing for and coping with the H1N1 swine flu virus, including important tips for shelters.  It's a short document and can be downloaded here.
The National Institute of Justice has just released "Making Arrests in Domestic Violence Cases: What Police Should Know."  This is a really concise and good overview for law enforcement and victim assistance professionals, and can be accessed here.
American Humane is offering grants to domestic violence programs and shelters through its PAWS (Pets and Women's Shelters) program.  You can download the grant application, and also access a great curriculum on domestic violence and pets, from American Humane (click here).
The Office for Victims of Crime has launched the Identity Theft Victim Assistance Online Training: Supporting Victims' Financial and Emotional Recovery, a user-friendly e-learning tool that will teach victim service professionals and allied professionals knowledge and skills to more effectively serve victims of identity theft and assist with their financial and emotional recovery.  You can access the training site online at -- a great resource to help victims of ID theft!
The Office for Victims of Crime requests your assistance in promoting the National Crime Victims’ Service Awards.Each year, OVC strives to increase the diversity of the types of applications it receives. In an effort to reach a wider audience, OVC developed this award countdown widget for placement on your Web site. Our hope is that visitors to your site will view this widget and be reminded to nominate a deserving colleague in the victim services community before the September 30 deadline.
The Office for Victims of Crime is paper-publishing "Victim Services in Rural Law Enforcement," which explores creative and economical ways for rural law enforcement agencies to meet the needs of victims at the crime scene and during followup contact, despite the barriers. This looks like a really great document and that anyone working with the rural/remote/frontier populations could benefit from. For ordering information, please visit here.
The Department of Defense sponsors a website that details its Victim/Witness programs, and includes points of contact for every branch of the military.  You can access this information by clicking here.  And the widely-lauded "Survival Guide" for servicemembers, published by Veterans for America, is a great resource for any clients who are active duty or veterans.
OVC has just published "Strengthening Sexual Assault Victims' Right to Privacy."  This excellent e-publication provides practical assistance to statewide sexual assault coalitions and rape crisis centers to help them maintain victim confidentiality. It addresses common challenges, provides core concepts, and offers practical tips for improving confidential services provided to victims of sexual violence.You can download the guide.
Also from OVC, the new "Good Samaratins: Volunteers Helping Victims Program Handbook and Training Guide" is designed to train volunteers to provide emergency services to victims. These services include securing victims' homes after a break-in, offering emotional support, and linking victims with community services.
OVC's new "Terrorism and International Victim Assistance" brochure offers comprehensive information about OVC-administered programs supporting victims of domestic and international terrorism and mass violence. This publication also discusses programs that help victims of global crimes such as child abduction and tourist-targeted victimization..
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